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VAT Services:

VAT is, as many people have found, a very complex tax although in principle it was designed to be simple. Mistakes can be very costly and are often difficult if not impossible to correct. It is therefore very sensible to plan any serious activity or transaction in advance and to seek professional advice on the possible VAT implications.

Our aim is to provide a friendly port of call whenever our clients old and new have any query on any aspect of VAT. We can handle helpline type queries or deal with large issues. We regularly liaise with HM Revenue & Customs on behalf of clients.

The following are matters with which we are involved:

  • VAT Health checks - Are you at risk of unforeseen VAT costs?
  • VAT Planning - Proper planning ensures VAT costs are minimised and budgeted.
  • Partial Exemption - There may be choices re special methods?
  • VAT & Property Transactions - A high risk sector. Advance planning is essential.
  • VAT Building & Construction - Exempt? Zero? Standard? Reduced rate?
VAT Services (continued):
  • VAT Assessment Review - We may be able to reduce your costs.
  • VAT Registration - When you should. Help with the process.
  • Late registration for VAT - We can help mitigate costs.
  • Capital Goods Scheme - Complex and very important. Let us advise.
  • Liability confirmation - We can confirm liability / liaise with HMR&C if required.
  • Negotiations with HM Revenue & Customs - Regular liaison with Customs.
  • VAT Appeals & Tribunals – Let our experience help when you are in dispute.
  • Tour Operators’ Margin Scheme - We can explain and assist in this complicated field.
  • Place of Supply - Where is your supply made for VAT purposes/ Who accounts?
  • VAT Exports - Procedures.
  • VAT Imports - Including deferment.
  • Acquisition Tax - Due on goods from other EC States.
  • Duty Relief Schemes - You may be able to save duty costs.
  • Charities - We have considerable experience with VAT and Charities.
  • VAT Flat Rate Scheme - Beneficial for many but not for all!
  • Outsourcing - We may be able to handle your VAT practice issues.

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